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Playa del Amor, Marietas islands!

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Wow, this beach is awesome! Usually beaches mostly do look the same white sand, green vegetation and crystal clear water but this one is truly amazing. Most probably, it was formed due to an explosion, due to the fact that the islands in the area were used as a target practice range for the Mexican army around the 1900’s.

Playa del amor
Playa del amor

The official name of the beach is „Playa del Amor”, the beach of love and it’s to be found in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to be more exact in the Marietas islands. To reach the beach, the visitors must swim under water in a short tunnel than they can come to surface and reach the beach.

playa del amor1

Playa del amor

The area is surrounded by gorgeous coral reefs, and it also offers insane wildlife-viewing opportunities- rare birds, dolphins, humpback whales and manta rays are all among the animals that can be seen while snorkeling to the beach.

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